Do Scandinavian.


Kantine is for people who seek Scandinavian-inspired food. Our approach to food is simple and seasonal. We believe in local, whole foods made from scratch and chockfull of flavor. 

Maybe you met us at our stand at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market? Then you already know about our open-faced sandwiches and comforting porridges. 

Or maybe you've seen our Sprouted Rye Bread at your local grocer? It's our version of a dark, seedy, sprouty (if that's a word), Danish-style bread that you just don't find too often in this neck of the woods.  

The best part is, our open-faced sandwiches, porridges, and bread are just the beginning. This spring, we'll be opening a little piece of Scandinavia at 1906 Market Street. It'll be a cozy, neighborhood place that serves dishes from this part of the world for breakfast, brunch and lunch. 

Hope to see you at Kantine! 

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