Welcome to Kantine.

Located at 1906 Market Street in San Francisco, Kantine serves casual Scandinavian-inspired fare for breakfast, brunch and lunch six days a week. (See our hours here.)

In Scandinavia, many workplaces have a canteen – a place were hungry employees gather to share a hearty lunch and enjoy each other’s company. After having spent more than a decade in Copenhagen, Denmark, Chef Nichole Accettola has now created her own gathering place for good food in San Francisco: Kantine, the Danish word for canteen.

Simple, delicious, wholesome Scandinavian food is what we're about. We make food from scratch using whole grains, seasonal and sustainable ingredients and Scandinavian methods. Anything that can be made from scratch by us is made from scratch by us. Our daily offerings include freshly baked breads and pastries, open-faced sandwiches, comforting porridges, and our customizable brunch boards. 

Hope to see you soon at Kantine! 

PLEASE NOTE: Bread, pastry and other food orders can be placed by sending an email to hello@kantinesf.com. (Please order at least one day in advance of pick up.)  

Photo credit: Chloé Lagier, chloelagier.com