Bringing Scandinavian Food to San Francisco

In Scandinavia, most workplaces have a canteen– a place were hungry workers gather to get a hearty lunch and enjoy each other’s company. After having spent more than a decade in Copenhagen, Denmark, chef Nichole Accettola wishes to create her own gathering place for good food in San Francisco: Kantine, the Danish word for canteen.

Kantine will be located at 1906 Market Street, and will be a casual breakfast, brunch and lunch restaurant, whose menu showcases the clean, wholesome, no-fuss approach to cooking which has characterized modern Nordic food in recent years.

Items like freshly baked grainy breads, handmade pastries, rustic open-faced sandwiches, delectable egg dishes and comforting porridges will all be part of Kantine’s daily offerings. Simple food, made of local ingredients and chockfull of flavor. 

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We can't wait to welcome you through our doors!