Our Sprouted Rye Bread 

Kantine Sprouted Rye Bread.png

The sprouted rye bread we bake is modeled after the rye bread we've eaten for years in Denmark.

Our version is naturally leavened (thanks to our strong sourdough starter José) and made from the best ingredients around. 

Pick up a fresh loaf at our restaurant or at Rainbow Grocery. You can also get our sprouted rye loaf delivered through GoodEggs or Instacart - see links below.

Email us at hello@kantinesf.com if you'd like to pre-order large quantities or full (longer) loaves of our bread. 



* Good Eggs, groceries delivered to your door from the Good Eggs central market. If you are a first time GE customer, punch in promo code "Kantine" at checkout to get $20 off your order or just follow this link. (This means free bread for you!) 

** Instacart, online grocery delivery, direct from Rainbow Grocery.

The nitty gritty:

  • Ingredients: sprouted rye berries,* rye flour,* wheat flour,* malt syrup, malted barley extract,* sunflower seeds,* flax seeds,* pumpkin seeds,* sesame seeds,* salt, buttermilk (* = organic).

  • The bread is naturally leavened with a sourdough starter - no added commercial yeast.

  • Common allergens include wheat, milk and sesame.

  • Wholesome ingredients keep this bread fresh at room temperature for a few days or for over two weeks in the refrigerator. We like to give it a quick toast, if it has been refrigerated.

  • The packaged unsliced bread is sold in 17oz. chunks.

  • Serving suggestions? We like cutting the bread into 1/4" thick slices and topping it with cured fish, sliced meat, cheese, fried egg or avocado. Or try just giving it quick toast and a slather of good butter and honey!